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Two-thirds ‘Would Take COVID Vaccine to Allow Foreign Travel’

Two-thirds ‘Would Take COVID Vaccine to Allow Foreign Travel’

A new poll reveals that two-thirds (65%) of people would be prepared to take a COVID-19 vaccine that has passed all necessary tests if it meant they could travel abroad.

The study of 2,000 UK adults for travel insurer Battleface found that 29% are likely to travel in early 2021.

The level increases to two fifths (44%) who say they are likely to travel later in the year or from July onwards.

Additionally, a quarter (24%) of those surveyed would still go ahead with a trip if the government announced an advisory against travelling to their destination after it had been booked.

More than three quarters (78%) plan to travel within Europe with top destinations being Spain, France, the UK and Greece.

A fifth (22%) aim to travel outside Europe with the US and Australia being the most popular choices.

But less than half (44%) intend to buy travel insurance for a trip in 2021.

Battleface chief executive Sasha Gainullin said: “When travelling internationally, it’s vital that travellers continue to check travel advisories and seek the right travel insurance to the destination they are travelling to.

“Many destinations are now requiring travellers to have the right type of travel insurance before entering the country.”


Source: Travelweekly

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