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Customer Folder is at the centre of our CRM solution. CRM developed for travel industry is a perfect solution to win new customers and better manage the operations, enhancing your company's productivity.

The major functions of a CRM are the followings:

-          Document production

-          Client, agent, and supplier management

-          Bank and supplier reconciliation

-          Task management and user inbox. Inbox is defined as all kind of requests and notifications.

-          User and role management


Our Travel Search Engine is connected to more than 80+ suppliers, 600+ airlines and 3,00,000 hotel rooms around the world. Besides, it features transfer search as well. Search and booking management is another major function of TravSearch. It shows the real-time availability, details, fares, rules and policies of the travel products. Moreover, this search engine can create Folder from search.


TravReport helps to produce travel reports including accounting statements. It mainly works for all sorts of reports as in:

-          Status Report

-          Passenger Report

-          Air Segment Report

-          Air Ticket Report

-          Hotel Report

-          Car Hire Report

-          Tour Report

-          Insurance Report

-          Transfer Report

-          Staff Report

-          Statutory (ATOL Report)

As well as

-          Reconciliation List

-          Folder Reconciliation

-          Supplier Reconciliation


4.5 TravBank (Hotel Bank, Flight Bank, Tour Bank)

TravBank is basically an inventory management system which includes Inventory API and Inventory fare construction. It works as the Contact management system as well. Travel agencies and tour operators can now upload their own inventory of contracted hotels, tours and cars. They can manage their data and connect them to any travel portal.


4.6 TravWEM – Web Experience Manager

This works directly with the customers and is B2C travel search engine. This WEM is connected to a wide range of travel products like more than 80+ suppliers, 600+ airlines and 300,000 hotel rooms around the world. We improve the client service search experience and provide them a choice of picking the best from a wide assortment of products.

Some features of Web Experience Manager are:


-          Transfer search

-          Search and booking management

-          Client management


4.7 TravCampaign

This system is the marketing automation platform which is a complete marketing solution for nurturing, planning & implementing inbound campaigns. It helps businesses successfully execute campaigns, tap into their target markets and convert leads into sales. This is the ultimate marketing tool that allows companies, regardless of size to maximize their resources. Template editor

-          List creation and management

-          Email marketing automation

-          Email campaign and scheduling

-          Detailed Reporting. You can check out all email campaigns' performance statistics from TravCampaign

Ready to build travel powerhouse combo for your business?

All In One Travel Solutions

TravnetTech is a complete booking solution system to automate the travel business, designed from the ground up to be a complete solution for travel agents so they can manage their inventory, agent control, bookings and ticket reservations all in one place.