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The Travel Franchise Introduces ‘Low-Cost Low-Risk’ Homeworking Package

The Travel Franchise Introduces ‘Low-Cost Low-Risk’ Homeworking Package

The Travel Franchise, one of the UK’s fastest-growing travel franchise companies has launched a ‘low-risk low-cost’ package, for new recruits to become homeworking personal travel consultants.

The new Pay as You Grow low-cost package is complete with everything a person needs to set themselves up as a home-working personal travel consultant. It said its Travel Consultant Lite package is for people who want to build a new career or ‘side-hustle’ around busy commitments such as a job or family life, or for those who would otherwise be deterred by traditional entry costs.

The group, which specialises in hiring people with no prior travel experience, is charging an upfront £2,495 (plus tax) for the Travel Consultant Lite package, which covers online training classes, and is in addition to a monthly management fee.

Franchisees get booking commission plus a personal marketing website, back-office technology, and have access to ongoing support such as a travel coach, training, and marketing materials. The additional monthly membership then covers ongoing support such as a personal travel coach, continuous training, marketing materials, and valuable daily support through the head office and closed Facebook groups.

Co-founder Paul Harrison said: “The Travel Consultant Lite package has everything you need to get started as a travel agent. It means you can run a business around your other commitments, or simply try something new. This is a low-risk, low-cost entry-level package which makes a new career or side-hustle immediately possible – as well as opening up access to millions of holidays around the globe.”

“Times of adversity change people’s mindset. The world of work has changed dramatically, with many people reflecting on their lives and recognising this as an opportunity to work from home while following a passion for travel and earning considerable money for themselves rather than for an organisation. With the reduced up-front investment comes freedom and accessibility; Travel Consultant Lite members can benefit from all the rewards of being a travel consultant right now” – he added.

There are currently more than 750 franchisees in the business, selling packages under the Not Just Travel umbrella.

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