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British Airways Adds More Direct Flights to the US Route Network

British Airways Adds More Direct Flights to the US Route Network

British Airways will be adding another direct route to the US this summer, ramping up the total to 26. The newest addition to the list of cities with a direct route to London will be Portland, Oregon.

As the first flight in this newly established route touches down at Portland International Airport (PDX), they are anticipating a warm local welcome. This newly introduced route will be operated five times a week, so every day except for Saturday and Thursday.

The Director of Networks and Alliances of British Airways, Neil Chernoff has stated, “This summer British Airways will be flying from 26 US cities to London, and we’re very excited to be adding Portland to our list of transatlantic destinations. Not only are we the only airline to offer direct flights from Portland to London, but this new route also opens a wide variety of connections for our customers. Through Alaska Airlines, our Oneworld partner, British Airways will offer Codeshare connections to several destinations operated by Alaska Airlines from Portland.”

Starting from tomorrow, British Airways will also restart operating direct flights between Pittsburgh and London. Making this the only airline to offer direct flights between Pennsylvanian city and London four times a week all year around. So, they will be operating regular flights between the two destinations on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

A new daytime flight between Newark Liberty International Airport and London Heathrow has been launched by the airline on the 6th of June. This is the third daily flight between the two destinations, and it was introduced in support of the return of business travel.

This daytime flight starts from Newark to London at 7:55 AM. British Airways along with its joint business partner American Airline are planning to offer a more extensive network from New York to London through the introduction of this daily flight. 15 daily flights between the New York area and London, 11 of them from JFK to Heathrow and 1 from JFK to Gatwick.

Starting this June, plenty of direct flights are either being launched or relaunched by British Airways this summer. Daily direct flights from San Jose and California to London will make a comeback on June 13th. The use of the A380 aircraft in more North American airports will also resume. Dallas, Fort Worth is also waiting eagerly to welcome the first A380 on July 1. British Airways owns 12 of these, the largest aircraft in the airline industry, that offer 469 seats with the choice between First, Club World, World Traveller Plus and World Traveller cabins.

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