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7 Steps Guaranteed to Increase Your Travel Website Bookings

7 Steps Guaranteed to Increase Your Travel Website Bookings

Travel eCommerce is among the most complicated online businesses to run and make a sustainable profit. You may have often noticed that visitors to your travel booking website will browse and search for destinations, accommodations and transportations, and just leave without booking anything. This could happen for a number of reasons. However, there is a solution that could help you make a sale in your travel business, website optimisation. Among the countless improvement you can make on your website, these few steps are guaranteed to increase Your Travel Website Bookings.

  1. Attractive UX

When any potential client visits your page, the thing that makes them stay longer is the way your site is presented to them.

Attractive UX

It must grab their interest and make them explore more. If it is easy on the eyes and the language and messages are clear and concise, clients find the site more reliable for making purchases.

  1. Optimise the Experience

Site Search: Visitors to travel websites generally operate in the ‘browsing and finding’ mode. The most common ways for visitors to find your site are through search engines and social media. And that can only be possible if they can find the links or information on the relevant topics they are searching for on your site.

Attractive Packages: Help the potential or long terms customers prepare for a vacation at a destination they have never gone to before by enticing them with a completely catered itinerary. Most people love to take a well-organised trip, and they love it, even more, when the planning is already done for them.

Optimise the Experience

Room for Flexibility: Even in the most thought-out plan, make sure you can make alterations based on the clients' preferences. Remember that this is a trip planned to make their journey enjoyable for them. So, leave room for any accommodations you can make on their behalf. This will help in providing them with the best service and gain their trust.

Price: Travel eCommerce is a cut-throat business where the prices are very competitive. If your prices on a particular trip are higher than on other sites, then you have to make sure to take the service up a notch. Give them the kind of service that makes them keep coming back.

Incentives: To make your business survive in this economy you will need the support of not just your customers but also your vendors and other related third parties. So, from time to time give something back to them like a good deal, discounts, gifts, or other complimentary items.

Uncomplicated Payment Method: By the time the client has selected a destination or package, they should not have to face over-complicated payment methods.

Uncomplicated Payment Method:

The type of payment process that requires multiple verifications and steps to complete the purchase. Customers find any service that takes too long or is too complicated, unappealing. So, they might change their minds during that time before making a purchase

  1. USP is the Key

USP or unique selling proposition is the quality of your business to offer your clients’ a service or benefit that no other travel site can offer. Something that sets you apart from the rest of the herd. If you have such benefits, then promote them prominently on top of the homepage of your site. This can not only attract potential customers, but also turn them into regular ones.

  1. Create a State of Urgency

People are generally drawn more to deals when they are available for a short time. When you will create a travel package with attractive opportunities and promote them as “Only available till this date”, more people will become curious about them and inquire about the specifics or click on them as an impulsive purchase.

  1. Display Scarcity

Another way to promote deals is to advertise them as limited stock. Just like other limited-edition products, travellers will flock on to buy the tickets. Deals promoted as ‘Only a few tickets available for discount’, ‘Book now to get a free upgrade’, ‘1 hour left to Grab this exciting Deal with a 20% discount’, ‘Get 3 complimentary meals if booked in the next 30 minutes.

  1. Email Marketing

Your contact lists and customer database are the most important assets that you can have and build for Travel eCommerce. As this list will be beneficial for the email marketing of your business.

Email Marketing

You can send emails about new deals, packages or other promotional activities to keep your subscribers up to date with your business activities. For this, you have to subscribe to a newsletter marketing tool, which will charge you monthly based on the number of your subscribers.

  1. Mobile-Friendly

Nowadays, even if everyone is not that tech-savvy, they can get by easily with the help of their mobile phones. People rely very heavily on their phones to complete even the most mundane tasks. Especially due to the pandemic, contactless shopping and payment methods have been carried out through mobiles. So, you have to make sure your travel booking website is accessible through mobile phones.

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