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5 Best International Spring Break Destinations for 2021

5 Best International Spring Break Destinations for 2021

The scare of coronavirus hasn’t gone away entirely. However, the beginning of vaccination drives all over the world has improved the travelling prospects of spring’21. The upcoming spring break provides a good window to boost business that has not seen the best in the last year for travel agencies and agents.

In this post, we will talk about some of the best international spring break destinations for 2021. Travel agencies and tour operators should consider these destinations for their packages and plans to attract clientele looking for a wholesome vacation in the next 2-3 months.

  1. Maldives

The Maldives is a small country situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean and consisted of a cluster of islands. Many people have placed the Maldives on top of their travelling bucket list after realising that this island country will be fully submerged in water in the next couple of decades due to rising sea levels courtesy of global warming.


Why You Should Make the Maldives Part of Your Spring Travelling Offers

Various factors make the Maldives a good spring break destination. To begin with, travellers will find perfect weather from March through May on the Islands. The temperature continues to linger around 70-80 Fahrenheit that’s neither hot nor cold.

Tourists will also get to experience the best tropical ambience but without recurrent downpours, rough sea, and infuriating humidity. Blue sky bleeding into the calm waters of the Indian Ocean is the permanent mood of Maldives in spring. People looking to spend quality time amidst the blue of nature will surely love to travel to the Maldives during their spring break.

  1. Crete, Greece

Greece is considered a popular summer destination among tourists looking for sun, sea, and sand at the same place. However, its largest island Crete also makes a great spring break destination. This Greek island welcomes tourists with pleasant temperatures and clear skies in the spring months.

Crete, Greece

Why You Should Make Crete Part of Your Spring Travelling Offers

First of all, tourists swarm this Greek island during summer. Temperature also rises a bit and days get considerably hot. People who want to avoid crowds and typical summer heat can get the best of Grete in spring. Besides pleasant weather, Grete has to offer a lot of other things as well.

Crete is probably one of the few places where people can sunbathe on the beach and hike a mountain on the same day and location. Moreover, this Greek island has many historical sites and landmarks— from Bronze Age ruins to ancient Mediterranean structures. Tourists who like to explore the local cuisine scene will also find Crete a worthy place to visit.

  1. Sicily, Italy

Sicily is the largest Mediterranean island full of tourist attractions. Over the years, Sicily has managed to carve its own identity as a tourist destination. This autonomous Italian region offers everything that people look for a perfect spring break getaway.

Sicily, Italy

Why You Should Make Sicily Part of Your Spring Travelling Offers

Hilltop towns with a labyrinth of cobblestone streets lined with the oldest European cafes and bakeries— this is the general blueprint of Sicilian towns and cities. Visitors from metropolises and large urban hubs crammed with concrete and asphalt fall in love with this rustics Sicilian aesthetics. It looks and feels even better during spring when temperatures are pleasant and skies are clear.

The Sicilian countryside also has a lot to offer to tourists. From an active volcano to Roman-era ruins and wine yards, visitors have many things to explore through the length and breadth of Sicily. Like Crete, tourists can also relish the warm and scenic Mediterranean beaches in Sicily.

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Who doesn’t love the postcard-pretty Dutch tulip fields? The Netherlands, particularly, Amsterdam is on the bucket list of almost everyone who likes to explore Europe. Spring season is the best time to devise and offer tour plans to Amsterdam. The city is at its best in every sense of the world from March through May.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Why You Should Make Amsterdam Part of Your Spring Travelling Offers

Amsterdam and its suburbs are blooming with colours during spring. Tulips and other floral plants are fully grown and making the landscape all beautiful and romantic. Moreover, the King’s Day celebrations also fall in April that sets off events, galas, and concerts all around the city.

Also, tourists are least likely to experience Dutch rains in spring because it’s the driest season there. Finally, Amsterdam’s famous “coffee shops” will introduce tourists to another dimension of socialisation and recreation.

  1. Mauritius

Many people want to visit African tourist attractions. However, they often start looking elsewhere when they don’t find enough feasible options to explore the continent. Most travel and tour operators haven’t fully tapped into that niche. This spring provides a great opportunity for traction from all those people who like to visit Africa.


Mauritius, an East African island country, is a good place to visit in spring break for many reasons.

Why You Should Make Mauritius Part of Your Spring Travelling Offers

White sand, azure oceans, green mountains, and pleasant weather— tourists get all of this in Mauritius during spring. Tourists will also find Mauritius an interesting place to visit because it is the only African nation-state that primarily practices Hinduism. Apart from its beaches and mountains, travellers will also find a list of cultural festivities in Mauritius during spring.

Exotic and spicy cuisines are another attraction for tourists flying to Mauritius from Europe and North America.

A Travel Management System Is Important to Handle Springtime Travel Activity

You have to manage a lot of operational stuff while providing spring tours and travel packages in different parts of the world. A robust travel management system makes it easy for travel agencies and tour operators to take care of different aspects of their extensive operations.

TravnetTech can provide you with a custom travel management system to manage your worldwide tour operations. We can devise a travel management system from scratch and in line with your exact business requirements. Our experts can also equip your operations with a front office, travel search engine, marketing automation, and other digital infrastructure in line with modern travel technological requirements.

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