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United Airlines Debuts Wireless Charging Onboard

United Airlines Debuts Wireless Charging Onboard

Today, United Airlines, a major American airline, introduced a new domestic first-class seat that includes a wireless charging station in its armrest.

These new United First seats feature vegan leather upholstery, 13-inch seatback screens and 18-inch tray tables, Bluetooth connectivity, privacy screens and an ergonomist-designed cushion – debuts on the airline’s first 737 this month. The airline plans to install the new seat on 200 domestic planes by 2026, including 737 NGs, A321neos and 737 MAXs.

Mark Muren, United Managing Director of Identity, Product and Loyalty, said “This new United First seat is designed around the modern traveller – more charging options, bigger spaces for devices, food, drinks and personal items and extra privacy”. He also added, “As we evolve the onboard experience, we’re upending old industry norms and anticipating future needs to accommodate the new ways people live and travel.”

In each United First seat, customers can enjoy some incredible features. With three types of charging docks in each seat, wireless, AC household-style outlet and USB-C, passengers can now quickly charge multiple electronic devices at once. The seats also have 13-inch, high-definition screens with remote control for user-friendly seatback entertainment.

Each device, food, drink and other amenities have a designated space in the United First seats, which makes it easier for passengers to enjoy the full experience. And the best thing about these seats that passengers will find very appealing is that they are adjustable and will provide them with more privacy. 

In addition to installing the new seats, United Airlines will be updating existing domestic first-class seats on more than 200 planes by 2025. United First seats on select 737, A319 and A320 aircraft will be redesigned with new seat cushions, vegan leather upholstery and winged headrests.

The announcement celebrates United’s first update to domestic first-class seat design since 2015. The new United First seats were developed by a team of experts, which include engineering and inflight teams at the airline, University of Michigan biomechanics researcher Dr Matthew Reed and the design firm Priestman Goode.


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