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New Scanners Streamlined Operations in London City Airport

New Scanners Streamlined Operations in London City Airport

Since the installation of new CT scanners a year ago, London City Airport has recorded a 50% reduction in passenger waiting periods at security.

As the first airport in the UK to fully implement next-generation CT scanners, East London Airport eliminates the need to remove liquids and laptops from hand luggage.

Passengers can now carry up to two litres of liquid instead of just 100ml bottles thanks to the new scanners. This change should have been implemented nationwide sooner, but installation issues have required an extension of the deadline.

Passenger satisfaction with the airport and security facilities has increased to 80% in London City since the system was deployed.

Alison FitzGerald, interim co-CEO and Chief Operating Officer at London City Airport, said, “We are committed to delivering the quickest, easiest and most efficient airport experience in the UK, so we’re delighted with the results of our CT scanners rollout.“As we approach the busy summer holiday season, we’re proud to offer our passengers speedy connections from the heart of London to a range of exciting holiday destinations.”

From the airport, which has historically been more business-oriented, there has also been a rise in leisure travel. Nowadays, more than 55% of travellers use the airport for leisure travel.

The biggest airline serving London City Airport, BA Cityflyer, has changed its focus and added a major leisure component to its summer schedule, including stops at Mykonos, Skiathos, Bergerac, and San Sebastian.

Additionally, ITA Airways has begun operating two daily flights to Rome, and Aurigny has begun operating a twice-daily service to the Channel Islands via this Airport.

London City Airport’s reputation for punctuality has also proven beneficial. Out of all the London airports, CAA Data for 2022–2023 indicated that it was the most dependable for on-time departures.

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