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A Guide to Post-Pandemic Travel

A Guide to Post-Pandemic Travel

From social distancing in airport lobbies to cabin crew in masks, Covid-19 has entirely transformed the world of travel. Amid closed borders and cancelled flights, travelling came to a virtual standstill. Travelling has always been an essential part of our lives, and not being able to do so during the pandemic created a whole host of problems.

We often portray travel as this fun-filled, life-changing experience which creates the impression that most travelling is done for that purpose. Of course, this isn’t true at all. Most travellers are doing so for business or other necessary activities and aren’t really doing it for the sake of fun.

The inability to travel created major issues. Business owners were stranded in foreign lands away from their companies; university students could not join their classes and postponed their admissions.
These are just two examples; the true scale of the problem can never fully be captured. Of course, no one would say that these are or were more important than saving lives. Needless to say, the pandemic seriously hurt the travelling industry and any business that relied heavily on a global supply chain.

But now, with vaccination roll-out, thankfully, after 18 months, we’re starting to return to some form of normalcy. 
Post-pandemic travel has also resumed, though not with the same vigour as it was before COVID. The situation around travelling in the post-pandemic world is incredibly dynamic due to the unpredictable nature of the virus.

People are rightly averse to travelling during these circumstances, and those that must are anxious to know how they should behave. Things aren’t how they used to be; that much is obvious - but what measures need to be followed to carry out post-pandemic travel?
Today we’ll look at how travelling after COVID has changed and what you can do to stay as safe as possible. Read on to learn more!

Tips for Post-Pandemic Travel

Here are a few tips to follow to ensure you have the best experience when travelling in the post-pandemic world.

National Treasure

Look, we get it! Travelling to a foreign land gives excitement that cannot be matched by any domestic destination, even if the experience is comparable. This is because you still feel like you’re in your own backyard.
Travelling is about the open air and freedom, focusing on seeing something foreign and learning from it all.  However, travelling internationally can still carry a significant risk that you may want to avoid.
Some might even say it’s an unnecessary risk if there are comparable locations in your own home country. In fact, the destinations don’t even have to be comparable to be honest. Travelling is just as much about discovery as it is about freedom, and you can discover plenty of things within your own country.
Domestic travel is preferred because you don’t need to prepare yourself for the protocols and procedures of a different country. Since you’d already know the government’s plans on dealing with the virus, compliance will be a lot easier. You also reduce the chances of getting stuck in a foreign country.
If you insist on travelling abroad, though, then the next tip is definitely for you.

Do Your Research

Travelling is 60% research in the most normal of times, but this is especially true for post-pandemic travel. If you really want to travel while the virus has still not been dealt with completely, then you must ensure that you know everything there is to know about the host country’s COVID response.
So, along with making arrangements for travel, accommodation, food, and entertainment, you will also have to see what safety protocols these services have put in place to keep you in the best of health. You should also organize your travel in a way that reduces the risk of infection for you and others as much as possible.
That means avoiding crowded venues like tourist hotspots or picking open-air restaurants over indoor dining. These measures will indeed hurt your overall travel experience, but it would be even worse to fall ill while you’re travelling.

You must also ensure that you are familiar and up to date on the latest information provided by the host country’s government on their COVID response. You don’t want to get there and learn that they’re facing a spike in cases and going back into lockdown.

Personal Responsibility

This is the most important part of post-pandemic travel. The situation around the world is incredibly dynamic and unpredictable at the moment. Some places permit outdoor dining while others are still in lockdown, so we already know that each place is in a different phase of its pandemic journey.
Due to this fact, it is of the utmost importance that you take personal responsibility. For instance, there may not be a mask mandate, but you should try to wear one as much as possible. Indoor dining may be permitted, but you should opt for open-air venues whenever possible.


Most importantly, you must get vaccinated. You can’t really travel without proof of vaccination, but we still wish to highlight that it is important to get vaccinated to protect yourself and others from the deadly effects of this virus.

Final Words

We hope that these tips on travelling after COVID will be useful to you as you plan your first trip after the pandemic. If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of planning and preparation required for post-pandemic travel, you can always recruit the help of a professional. As always, good luck and safe travels!


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