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British Airways and Amadeus Collab to Launch Nevio Technology

British Airways and Amadeus Collab to Launch Nevio Technology

To meet its strategic goals for Offer and Order, British Airways has chosen Amadeus as its technology partner and Amadeus Nevio, a new portfolio of modular solutions based on open and AI technology.

As part of their agreement, British Airways and Amadeus will work together to develop Nevio's Offer and Order features, which are intended to satisfy the requirements of contemporary airline retailers.

While Dynamic Offer Pricing is being rolled out to enable real-time contextual pricing alternatives depending on marketplace factors, Nevio's Offer suite will enable more dynamic items and bundles.

A set of Digital Experience tools will support an easy-to-use booking interface and expedite servicing across all platforms and channels.

When combined, these will result in highly customised, relevant consumer offerings and provide customers with the greatest possible retail and servicing experience.

Constructed on the foundation of IATA Offer and Order principles, this completely new, open, modular platform leverages the most recent developments in AI to assist the carrier in creating demand, standing out in the market, and quickly generating value across its whole enterprise.

Maher Koubaa, Executive vice president of travel unit and managing director of EMEA, Amadeus, said, “We see Amadeus’ partnership with British Airways as truly transformative.

“We’ve been working closely with British Airways for more than 20 years and we’re delighted that the airline has once again agreed to be a driver customer to shape the future of the aviation industry.

“The milestone partnership unveiled today is a significant step in our journey to making modern retailing a reality, with the deployment of rich, dynamic, personalised offers and next-generation order management.”

By working with British Airways, Amadeus has demonstrated its support for the International Air Transport Association's (IATA) goal of having an entirely offer-and-order-based retailing environment by 2030.

Amadeus is developing an open platform technology that will grow with the airline to support its business objectives and allow the carrier to be creative in approaching revenue opportunities and retailing.

Colm Lacy, the Chief Commercial Officer at British Airways, said, “At British Airways we are on a journey to become a world leader in airline retailing and transform our digital customer experience, all underpinned by our £7bn investment to transform our airline.

“Alongside our partners at Amadeus, British Airways will be able to collaborate on the design of the latest technology to enhance our business processes with greater agility and help us anticipate the needs of modern, digital travellers, providing them with exceptional experiences across their journey.

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