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Tunisair and Amadeus Signs Expanded Partnership Deal

Tunisair and Amadeus Signs Expanded Partnership Deal

Tunisair, the Tunisian flag carrier, and Amadeus join forces to deliver the best possible service to passengers. They signed a new expanded contract which aims to benefit both passengers and agents. 

According to the new agreement, Tunisair will deploy a number of cutting-edge solutions designed to improve the retailing experience for both passengers and agents. The three new additions will bring the total number of Amadeus solutions deployed by Tunisair up to 33. 

Amadeus Revenue Management will help Tunisair make more informed and customer-centric decisions by offering a more personalized experience and products that align with their needs.

Amadeus Group Manager enables the airline and travel agents to provide services with full automation that synchronises revenue management strategy with dynamic pricing adjustments.

The deal was welcomed as a part of the fruitful relationship between Tunisair and Amadeus and following the integration of the new state-of-the-art solutions to provide a personalized end-to-end experience to customers.

Khaled Chelly, the chief executive at Tunisair, said, “Tunisair is keenly focused on improving the customer journey and we have today expanded our relationship with Amadeus as we accelerate the transformation of our retailing experience.

“The new solutions included in the renewed partnership will allow us to offer personalized services and smooth experiences as well as to manage disruption efficiently and with minimum impact to the traveller.”

Tunisair has also deployed the solution, Loyalty Community Platform, to manage its loyalty program, Fidelys, which enables the airline to deliver better customer service, while increasing revenues, traveller experience and loyalty.

Christophe Roux, the senior vice president of Airlines, Middle East, Türkiye and Africa, Amadeus, said, “Tunisair operates in the competitive market and is working to differentiate its offering with a clear strategy to provide the best-in-class customer experience.

“At Amadeus, our technology is designed to inspire more connected ways of thinking, centred around the traveller.

“With this extended agreement, Tunisair is on track to become a more forward-looking, innovative and industry-leading airline.”


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