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Travelzoo Launches a Members-Only Metaverse Travel Experience Service

Travelzoo Launches a Members-Only Metaverse Travel Experience Service

Travelzoo, a global Internet media company that provides exclusive offers and experiences for members, has recently launched its new members-only service that offers pioneering travel experiences within the Metaverse named Travelzoo META.

Travelzoo META is a paid members-only service that offers its founder members innovative Metaverse travel experiences. Working in partnership with cutting-edge creators, they harnessed the technology to access the latest immersive experiences that can allow members to explore hard-to-reach corners of the world, travel back in time, or discover new spaces beyond imagination. All of these features are accessible through a mobile or desktop device with a basic browser.

The launch was announced with a stunning display on the façade of NASDAQ’s headquarters in Times Square, featuring fantastical animals known as Travel Companions from the Metaverse that gazed out onto the onlookers. This demonstration sparked excitement by showcasing a glimpse into the future of travel.

With its launch, Travelzoo META is now accepting registrations for Founding Membership which will give the participants the opportunity to be the first to experience travel in the Metaverse. Each Founding Member will also be entitled to one of the world’s first personality-based, emotionally-driven Travel Companions (NFTs) that match their personal Metaverse travel style within the virtual world.

According to global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, “The Metaverse is too big for companies to ignore.” The company firmly believes that the immense potential of the Metaverse should not be overlooked, especially by companies in the travel industry, as it could become a $5 trillion market by 2030. The possibility of witnessing a significant transformation and consumer engagement within the Metaverse is immense.

To be part of this future of travel, individuals can apply to become a Travelzoo META Founding Member through the official website. By joining, they gain exclusive access to ultra-modern Metaverse travel experiences and the chance to embark on unparalleled journeys.

When it comes to providing members with extraordinary opportunities to explore the world and beyond, Travelzoo META is currently at the forefront.

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