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Hainan Airlines and Rokid Introduces World’s First AR Flight Experience

Hainan Airlines and Rokid Introduces World’s First AR Flight Experience

Together with Hainan Airlines, Rokid has created the first augmented reality in-flight experience, marking a significant advancement in the redefining of in-flight entertainment.

Passengers of flight HU7874 of Hainan Airlines flying from Shenzhen to Xi'an on February 7th at 10 a.m. were given a special surprise. At their seats, special glasses were waiting for them. With these glasses, customers could view 3D films on a 360-inch borderless screen with 1080P resolution and a refresh rate of 120Hz, which provides the same experience as being in a private theatre at 30,000 feet. This provided an immersive entertainment experience.

More than 20 flights operated by Hainan Airlines will use Rokid AR Entertainment Kits, which comes pre-loaded with multiple 3D offline movies, which will start on February 8 and run for more than a month. This will give customers access to a unique kind of in-flight entertainment. By using cutting-edge technology to improve travel, this project hopes to make people happy.

The Rokid team tested a lot of devices to make sure everyone had a smooth and comfortable viewing experience, and they picked five of the newest movies that were appropriate for Lunar New Year's viewing.

With a weight of just 75g and a battery life of up to five hours, the Rokid AR Glasses are made to be comfortable and let users view three movies at once. Packed with two-way speakers, passengers may enjoy crystal-clear sound without bothering other people.

This collaboration is a big step forward in changing the conventional in-flight entertainment market and providing passengers with an immersive experience unlike anything they've ever had. The future of air travel seems promising in terms of more varied and individualised experiences for passengers as technology advances.

Looking ahead, Rokid intends to increase the use of its augmented reality technology in flights by adding virtual tours and real-time interactive games, in line with the ongoing advancement of infrastructure such as 5G networks and cloud computing. Its objective is to usher in the era of "smart aviation" by making every trip an amazing experience for travellers of all ages.

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