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Google Cloud and Mystifly Unite to Improve the Travel Tech Sector

Google Cloud and Mystifly Unite to Improve the Travel Tech Sector

Mystifly, a travel service solutions provider, announced on Wednesday that it is collaborating with Google Cloud to promote expansion and innovation in the travel technology industry.

The partnership is focused on combining Google's cutting-edge cloud services and generative AI capabilities with Mystifly's Smart Selling Platform (SSP).

Rajeev Kumar, the Chief Executive Officer of Mystifly, said, "Our partnership with Google Cloud supports Mystifly's mission to modernize travel infrastructure across the entire ecosystem, delivering solutions that bridge old and new technologies and cater to the discerning needs of travellers and the efficiency of sellers and suppliers." The B2B company was founded in 2009.

Kumar said the company is solving core infrastructure problems because "at the end of the day, you can only deliver great B2C experiences if the infrastructure is addressed."

He said that 85 per cent of Mystifly's business and total revenues come from outside India. He added, "India contributes less than 15 per cent of our revenues. And it's been the case for the last 10 years because we say travel is not really a country-bound activity." The company’s clientele includes some American and European businesses as well as some Asia Pacific companies.

Mystifly was founded and operated entirely on its own for the first seven years, then raised USD 5 million from Recruit Holdings in Japan. In 2017, the company turned a profit.  

Kumar said the company operations took a huge hit during the pandemic and "in less than 24 odd months from the time borders have started opening up, we've been able to... get back to where we were pre-Covid".  

"And in that journey, the next stage for us is this Google partnership, which is very relevant in how we are able to bring in the seamlessness in terms of airline retailing," he added.

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