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Data Appeal and Mabrian Collaborate to Lead Europe’s Travel Intelligence Market

Data Appeal and Mabrian Collaborate to Lead Europe’s Travel Intelligence Market

Data Appeal, an Italian software company that is a part of the Almawave Group, has signed a contractual agreement for the procurement of 70% of Mabrian Technologies, a corporate office based in Spain. This move has resulted in the largest data intelligence company specializing in Europe’s tourism.

Both companies, Data Appeal and Mabrian, are leaders in data analytics and the use of Artificial Intelligence in their segments and possess the knowledge, competency, and resources to leverage their complementarity and synergies to offer the market unprecedented added value.

Through this collaboration, the two companies will have access to 160 data sources, covering more than 200 countries, and a great team of analysts specializing in tourism and destination management. Their analytical scope ranges from traveller sentiment, mobility, demand, tourist spending, and accommodation to sustainability and tourism inclusivity.

This arrangement aligns with a period of substantial growth in the worldwide travel intelligence sector. Data Appeal Company, well-established in Europe, seeks to assume a prominent position with this expansion alongside Mabrian. The latter already has a presence in more than 40 countries, positioning both entities to contribute significantly to the evolution of the global travel intelligence market..

Valeria Sandei, Almawave's Chief Executive Officer and The Data Appeal Company Chairperson, said, “This acquisition underlines Almawave’s ability to execute upon its strategies, which centres on international growth and the use of artificial intelligence technologies in specific vertical sectors. Bringing The Data Appeal and Mabrian together creates one of the Europe’s leading companies in advanced analytics for Tourism, an industry that is increasingly data-driven.”

Mirko Lalli, the Chief Executive Officer of The Data Appeal Company, said, “This transaction will allow us to improve synergies at all levels, further strengthening our positioning and accelerating our growth in the Tourism sector, where operators are increasingly investing in data as a strategic lever to generate a competitive advantage.”

Santi Camps, the Chief Executive Officer of Mabrian, said, “For us, joining The Data Appeal Company is a strategic decision with the goal of leading the market globally.  A great team has brought Mabrian to where it is today, but now it is time to become part of a solid technology group such as Almawave to take advantage of synergies and share know-how.  This will allow us to continue helping the Tourism industry solve real problems with the most advanced technology, but at a faster rate.”

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