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Samoa Lifts all Covid Entry Restrictions

Samoa Lifts all Covid Entry Restrictions

Samoa has removed all of its Covid entry requirements for visitors from other countries.

Only travellers who have had their vaccinations were allowed admission into the Polynesian island nation prior to the rule change.

A negative PCR test performed within 48 hours of departure or a supervised fast antigen test performed within 24 hours of departure was necessary for all arrivals, including toddlers and newborns.

After taking a nose swab at the airport upon arrival in Samoa, visitors were then compelled to self-isolate for seven days if they tested positive.

The only need for admission today is to complete a health declaration form because all Covid entry restrictions have been lifted.

Travellers are advised to wear face masks at all times and take precautionary measures within the first few days of arrival, although it is not mandatory.

Samoa’s tourism board Beautiful Samoa has been updated to reflect the changes.

It states: “All travel restrictions for Covid-19 are now lifted. All passengers and crew are no longer required to present vaccination cards/certificates or undergo pre-departure testing for Covid-19 before boarding.

“All passengers must truthfully complete the arrival health declaration form in-flight and provide a valid local phone number and email/Facebook address.”

In addition, Bhutan has dropped all Covid entry requirements for arrivals. Travellers may be subjected to random testing at the point of entry and anyone who tests positive must quarantine in their hotel until they test negative.

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