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Ryanair Urges Governments to Adopt EU Covid-19 ‘Traffic Light’ System

Ryanair Urges Governments to Adopt EU Covid-19 ‘Traffic Light’ System

Low-cost carrier Ryanair is calling on European Union governments to adopt the EU’s ‘traffic light’ system to restore traveller confidence amid the pandemic.

The new ‘traffic light’ system allows safe travel to and from 15 countries listed as ‘green’ and ‘amber’ with no restrictions.

For 15 ‘red’ countries, there may be restrictions in place such as testing before departure and on arrival.

The system also recommends that member states apply a regional approach where possible to ensure regions or islands with low levels of Covid-19 are not penalised.

The airline wants the system adopted “without delay” after an EU Council meeting which is due to take place in Brussels on October 13.

Eddie Wilson, Ryanair chief executive, said: “Europe’s aviation and tourism industries cannot afford further job losses, and until a vaccine is available, we must learn to live with the virus.

“The implementation of this coordinated regional approach will help restore consumer confidence ahead of a difficult winter season and also allow all airlines plan for summer 2021, with millions of jobs dependent on the recovery of our aviation and tourism sectors.

“As confirmed by the [World Health Organisation] WHO, aviation is not responsible for an increase in EU COVID rates and quarantines simply don’t work.

“EU governments need to act fast and implement the EU ‘traffic light’ system immediately following next week’s Council meeting and give Europe’s tourism economies the relief that’s much needed.”


Source: Travel Weekly

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