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Impacts of Voice Control on the Travel Industry

The Positive Impacts of Voice Control on the Travel Industry

Over the past few decades, several technological advancements have been made to assist human beings in their day-to-day activities. Among many of these innovations, voice control has played a significant role in the progress of every leading sector.

The prospect of integrating a voice control system to accommodate different functionality in any particular business seems like an exciting opportunity for establishing a well-rounded, lucrative business. And thanks to the existence of smartphones in almost every household, consumers can now take full advantage of this feature to make their lives easier.

Companies affiliated with the travel and tourism industry should keep their eyes and ears open to fully comprehend the situation, assess the possibilities, select the best approach for them, and finally convert this potential opportunity into a profitable means for their business.

In this article, we will have an overall discussion about the opportunities for voice control in the travel industry as well as the positive impact it has had on the advancements in the field. But before that, let’s make sure we have a complete understanding of the concept behind voice control.

What Do We Understand by Voice Control?

The concept of voice control is actually easy to comprehend. Generally, technologies that enable devices to make sense of normal human speech and respond accordingly to simple or, at times, even complicated voice commands are the concept behind voice control. These devices so far include smartphones, smart home hubs, smart TVs, and personal computers (laptops and desktops).

This system will assist people in controlling various devices with only their voice instead of controlling things and devices manually in traditional ways. So, this system will allow a user to turn on or off a device and simultaneously perform other functions with a simple voice command.

And the effectiveness of this system can be expanded. Suppose that multiple devices can be connected to and controlled by a smart home hub device. So those devices can be controlled by that smart home hub device through voice commands given to it. This is a form of home automation, and many homes in the suburbs or in the city opt for it to make their lives more comfortable.

The Functionality of Voice Control

After learning about the voice control system, many questions may arise about the functionality of this technology. Anyone with the most basic knowledge of science can say that artificial intelligence has something to do with it, and they will be correct. But what else?

The voice control system is an amalgamation of artificial intelligence, internet connectivity, and the Internet of Things. With the assistance of artificial intelligence, a device can decipher and recognize speech patterns. For a device to respond accordingly, it employs the assistance of internet connectivity to pass on relevant information, while the "Internet of Things" refers to the everyday functionality of the internet.

The combination of the above-mentioned three technologies enables a device equipped with the voice control feature to send and receive data while serving as a control point for other devices that are connected to it. For example, in an automated home, an individual has the ability to control TVs, stereos, lights, heating, and other household devices.

The Positive Impact of Voice Control on the Travel Industry

1. Personalisation

We have previously discussed the impact of AI or more specifically Facial Recognition in the personalization of customer service in the travel industry. Now it is time to explore the contribution of yet another feature of AI, voice control, in personalisation in the travel industry.

In the travel industry, the main objective of the voice control system was always personalisation. So with the employment of voice-controlled smart hubs, customers can control multiple devices in a hotel room at once without even lifting a finger. Lights, air conditioners, heaters, TV, stereos, and other entertainment devices that are available in the hotel room can be controlled by guests and they can adjust them to their preferences. This allows the guests to manipulate their surroundings in the room from any corner of the room.

2. Providing Information

In the travel industry, tourists always used to employ the assistance of information desks, hotel concierges, and tour guides for navigating unknown places. Guests used to rely solely on those sources to learn about nearby or popular attractions, how to get there, where to find good coffee, where to go shopping, and so on. But the times have changed, and people nowadays depend on their smartphones and uninterrupted internet connections for this and other important information. But the incorporation of the voice control system has taken it up a notch.

Now all one has to do is ask the device a question about any concerns they may have related to travelling, and they will receive the necessary information related to the particular concern in real time. The received information is always up-to-date and based on the location of the user. In the case of directions to any destination, the information will include accurate travel times, distance, highlighted directions, and other relevant information.

3. Improving Customer Service

The final and most important positive impact of voice control in the travel and tourism industry to be highlighted is the improvement of customer service. It provides guests with the luxury of scheduling appointments, ordering room service, and adjusting the environment inside the room with just a voice command given to their smart hub.

However, did you know that it can make several processes in the hotel faster by syncing your smart hub device with restaurant booking processes and other service providers available at the hotel?

In conclusion, the possibilities and the true potential of Voice Control in the travel and tourism industry are still being explored and no one can guarantee where it will stand in the future or what it will come up with next.

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