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MAG Introduces Carbon Offsetting Tool

MAG Introduces Carbon Offsetting Tool

Passengers using Manchester Airports Group (MAG) three airports will be able to offset carbon emissions from their flights via a new tool.

The CarbonClick system allows passengers to calculate the emissions from their flight and purchase carbon credits to compensate for them, regardless of their airline or destination.

Every purchase can be linked directly to climate projects in the UK and abroad.

A return flight to Amsterdam from Manchester Airport can be offset for £2.14 per passenger and a return flight to Dubai for £11.54.

Each offset will be split equally between woodland creation in the Lake District and the making and distribution of efficient charcoal cookstoves in Ghana and Nigeria.

Buying one carbon offset credit removes the equivalent of one tonne of CO2 from the atmosphere, according to MAG.

The announcement comes as MAG publishes its latest annual CSR report, reaffirming a commitment to becoming a net-zero carbon business by 2038.

The CarbonClick offsetting scheme is available at Manchester, Stansted and East Midlands airports and can be accessed via each airport’s website, or through QR codes displayed around terminal buildings.

CarbonClick is a New Zealand-based carbon offsetting organisation which worked with more than 760 businesses including Etihad Airways.

Neil Robinson, MAG CSR and airspace change director,  said: “By offsetting emissions from their flights, passengers can make a real difference to worthwhile projects which support a sustainable future.

“Our partnership with CarbonClick makes carbon offsetting easy and accessible regardless of which airline you are travelling with or your final destination.

“High-quality carbon offsetting is just one of the tools available to our industry as we work towards a greener future. We are confident this partnership will encourage our passengers to opt-in and have a positive impact every time they fly with us.”

CarbonClick chief executive Dave Rouse added: said: “Travellers are becoming increasingly concerned about carbon emissions from their flights. Although most travellers are willing to offset their flight, the majority of passengers worldwide fly with airlines that don’t offer carbon offsetting.

“The MAG solution helps all travellers to do so in a simple, meaningful way with complete transparency.”


Source: Travelweekly

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