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 Low-Cost Marketing Strategies to Kickstart a Travel Business

Low-Cost Marketing Strategies to Kickstart a Travel Business

The number of domestic as well as international travellers has skyrocketed in 2022, post-pandemic. But this large number is neither a guarantee of success nor a reflection of sustainability in this sector. Businesses in the travel and tourism industry have to face cutthroat competition to survive.

With so many players in the game and new ones lining up each minute, travel companies struggle to find an edge over their competitors. To survive in such uphill battles, they need to come up with full-proof marketing strategies to boost sales fast and increase their clientele and connections while also making sure they can take care of other important expenses, like paying their employees, paying rent, and other overhead expenses.

As a start-up, the business might be on a tight budget and needs to make sure they have enough funds to sustain itself for at least a year or until they start making a profit, which is impossible from the get-go. In such circumstances, setting aside a different budget just for marketing may not be feasible. Hence, from the marketing point of view, the company should opt for cost-effective or low-cost marketing strategies to strengthen its game without jeopardising other official activities.

Marketing is the most important and compulsory investment a travel business, especially a new one needs to make to stay afloat in this industry. Think of it this way, if your target demographic is not even aware of you or the services you provide, how on earth are they supposed to contribute to your business and help you make a profit?

A good thing about marketing strategies is that they don’t have to break the bank. With proper research and clear goals, many low-cost marketing strategies can be employed to kickstart a travel business. In this article, we will be looking into four such low-cost marketing strategies to help the upcoming generations of entrepreneurs in the travel and tourism industry.

Content Marketing

A very easy and low-cost way to make people aware of your travel business, its services, and its legitimacy is through content marketing. The funds invested in content marketing may be little, but the potential revenue it can generate will blow your mind. It only takes good-quality content to turn an interested audience into a profitable customer.

In content marketing, many approaches can be explored to reach the target audiences, like images, videos, podcasts, infographics, etc. These types of content are easy to consume and can easily grab and keep the attention of target audiences. However, you do have to make sure that your content is reaching the target demographic. If your content is not promoted on the right platform, then instead of reaching the target audience, you will end up reaching random people.

Another approach would be through inbound and outbound content marketing. Feature a guest blog from websites with a large audience and add outbound links to your website. In this way, you can increase your website's and your company’s brand reputation through inbound and outbound marketing by creating relevant content.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been on the scene for some time now. The main motive behind email marketing is to reach new customers, and the most vital part of that is building an organic customer list. Organic means that the customers on the list are genuine and not bought or falsified. New startups are generally very good at building lists by collecting the email addresses of all the website visitors, typically through a subscription box or signup box.

References and testimonials from old clients are also great ways of building a list. But your website and your contents need to be attractive enough to compel the visitors to signup. If they find one article of yours worth reading, they will sign up for more. Finally, now you can use these email addresses to send out newsletters, updates and any attractive deals that will be beneficial to the recipient. For example, the first 40 passengers will get 20% off on a trip to Bali; book your trip today! Just make sure your email blasts only go out to interested people; you don’t want an annoyed recipient to report you. 

Pay Attention to Customer Reviews

Businesses these days can either fly high or crash to the ground, depending on their online customer reviews. For travelling, many potential consumers rely on genuine feedback from previous customers. A very rich source of travel-related online reviews is TripAdvisor and VirtualTourist. Every month, millions of travellers visit this website to research their intended future travel destination.

The listing and ranking of destinations can say a lot about them and can raise or lower their value to customers. The customers are encouraged to be honest in these reviews, as it can help not only the customers in sifting out the perfect travel destination or hotel for their next vacation but can also help the facility improve upon its shortcomings.

Social Media Promotions

These days, social media marketing is very common, as it has a pool of billions of potential customers. A major task for any startup is to create a reliable social media presence. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are at the top of the food chain, each of them with billions of users. So, if you can successfully promote your business through compelling content on any of these platforms, you are guaranteed to reel in profits for your travel business.

You can promote aesthetic static or video content of various deals and packages you are offering, infographics, podcasts, customer testimonies, and even interact with your customers on these platforms. This will help you maintain a healthy, reliable, and reputable social media presence while also helping you reach your target demographic. You can also buy premium Facebook services like Facebook Business Suite and Facebook Ads to help you better manage the business page of your company. To create relevant and engaging content, you might also need the assistance of a social media manager, who will guide you along the way.

Let’s talk about the strides it has made in customer service. Social media platforms are primarily used to express people’s opinions. So, maintaining a healthy relationship with current clients as well as potential clients becomes crucial, as one scathing comment or review can throw all your hard work away.


Cost does not always reflect the efficacy or effectiveness of something, and these marketing strategies are a testament to that. Even though we have mentioned some of the most cost-effective solutions to promote a travel business, they have the potential to generate substantial revenue when implemented correctly.


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