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Locuslabs Integrates Mapping Platform with Grab Mobile Ordering System

Locuslabs Integrates Mapping Platform with Grab Mobile Ordering System

LocusLabs has integrated its indoor mapping and location platform with Grab’s airport mobile ordering system.

The integration allows travellers to find food retailers near their location in the airport terminal, browse menus, place an order, pay online and use wayfinding to navigate.

Users can do all this on a mobile web browser without installing a dedicated app.

Grab is an airport e-commerce platform that connects airport restaurants and stores to travellers and enables contactless ordering and payments.

LocusLabs offers digital maps to more than 100 airports globally, and partners with some of the world’s largest airlines. The functionality with Grab has already been successfully tested in connection with the maps at the new LaGuardia Airport Terminal B by LaGuardia Gateway Partners, manager and developer of the terminal and a member of Vantage Airport Group.

Steve Thody, senior director, project initiatives at Vantage Airport Group, said: “We’re pleased to partner with LocusLabs and Grab to maintain safety, improve efficiency and enhance the passenger experience at LaGuardia Terminal B and across our broader network of airports.

“Vantage has always embraced the opportunity to do things differently. As our work on a contactless airport journey, from digital wayfinding and signage to hands-free ordering and payment, was already underway prior to COVID-19, Vantage and its partners are well-positioned to help travellers navigate the new reality of air travel precipitated by the pandemic.”

“The integration of LocusLabs maps with Grab functionality gives hungry travellers everything they need right at their fingertips and puts the power in their hands to help stay safe and avoid queues as they navigate through the airport,” said Jeff Livney, chief experience officer at Grab.

“Our combined technology minimises staff and passenger interaction to give both groups peace of mind, reducing the burden on the airport team and information desk, and helping people to social distance.”

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