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Latest Technologies that will Revolutionise Tourism Industry

Latest Technologies that will Revolutionise Tourism Industry

In recent times, technology can go hand in hand with any industry and take it to an unimaginable level. This fact is true for the travel and tourism industry as well. The latest innovations in technology can not just take care of our daily mundane tasks that are prone to human error, but also complete them more efficiently and in a cost-effective way. So it is safe to say that the latest and most unconventional technologies are key to revolutionising the travel and tourism industry.

Incorporating the current inventions into different aspects of the travel industry will cut costs as it will require lesser manpower to complete each task, finish them faster with almost no mistakes and without the need for a break. This in turn will also improve customer satisfaction with the services.

Travel Technology

The application of IT and other similar technology that is implemented to solve various problems and concerns of the travel, tourism and hospitality industry are usually termed travel technology.

The purpose of these technologies is to assist people in the tourism business in improving customer experience. They are deployed to enhance the customer experience anytime before, during and after the trip itself.

Why is Travel Technology Important for the Tourism Industry?

The importance of travel technology in catapulting the status of a business towards success will remain unmatched. It automates different processes to reduce human involvement, which cuts costs, generates additional income, and results in a better financial outcome.

Employing travel technology can also improve accuracy, predict future trends based on the current flow, and all of it without the accumulation of human errors. So, keeping up with the latest entry in the technological trends list is mandatory for businesses to avoid gaining a competitive edge.

Adopting new technological trends can give the business a significant advantage in keeping up with customer demands. Clients are always looking for the most convenient option when it comes to travelling and hospitality. And the latest technologies can attain that.

What influences the latest trends in the world of tourism?

The most important thing that brings changes and upgrades in any business is the ever-changing consumer behaviour and demands. Every technological advancement made throughout the last few decades have been done to cater to this dynamic shift in demands to make people’s life easier.

The world has always been insistent on its requirements to search for the next new thing that is either sophisticatedly innovative or so simple that it makes the customer experience a smooth sail.

With this end in mind, voice recognition, fast-learning and fast-responsive chatbots, robots, virtual as well as augmented reality, and a plethora of other trends were initiated to make the customer experience more exciting and satisfactory.

Let’s take a tour of some key technological trends that will revolutionise the travel and tourism sector.

Voice-Activated Search and Control

As far as the technological advancements that are trending in the travel industry are concerned, voice-activated AI assistants have been popularized by smartphones and smart gadgets. So much so that consumers around the world are conducting voice searches to find and book airline tickets, transportation, hotels or motels, or even the best attractions to visit at a particular destination.

Hence, building a travel website or app that is accommodating to voice searches has become crucial to capitalize on the trend.

Even in the hospitality part of the travel experience, voice responsive searches and control have been in use and swiftly growing in the past decade. In hotel rooms, we can control the lights, TV and even the air conditioning with our voices.

Features like this can even help us make a complete travel itinerary without having to interact with a concierge. No doubt that this feature will make its way into other aspects of the travel business.

Contactless and Wireless Payment

Over the past decade, thanks to wireless transfers and contactless payment methods, the customer satisfaction rate in different sectors has skyrocketed. Especially in the travel and tourism industry where the clients can simply skim through their websites for attractive travel packages, select the one they prefer, and after providing them with the necessary details makes the purchase through online payments.

This allows businesses to process payments much quicker than before. Since the clients no longer have to physically come all the way to the travel agencies, they find it convenient as well.

With the current situation of the world with the pandemic, out of concern for their health and the fear of spreading the virus, people are unwilling to carry cash on their person. So what started as a convenience, became absolutely compulsory. A necessary stem to ensure the clients' as well as the staff's safety.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has played a significant part in revolutionizing the modern tourism trend. Travel enthusiasts now can experience distant and exotic destinations while being in the comfort of their homes.

This will not only save them the travel time, exhaustion, and dealing with the customs and other lines, but will also guarantee their safety and security from all the uncertainty those locations may bring.

COVID cannot hold back a travel enthusiast’s desire to explore the world. And the emergence of VR technology serves this requirement for people without stepping outside their own homes. Clients can get the amazing experience of virtual hotels, restaurants, landmarks, parks and many other activities. The interactivity and compatibility of the VR trend that you will employ in your business can provide you with a competitive advantage over other companies in the travel industry.

CyberSecurity Measures

Since nowadays, every travel agency is transitioning to fully cloud-based operations and data storage, so proper maintenance of cybersecurity should be the utmost focus of the company. Companies in such e-commerce industries are always prone to cyber-attacks and data breaches.

If you are in a travel management role, you will have access to and be responsible for protecting all the client data that goes through your data system. Attacks like. Phishing attacks or ransomware attacks are among the most prominent and lethal ones in this industry.


Therefore, a hefty investment in cyber-security training can go a long way for your business. Familiarizing your staff with different hardware and software-related solutions and constantly updating them with the latest regulations will guarantee the conservation of your company's important data as well as your clients. When a company can ensure all this and comply with data protection laws, client satisfaction and reach will rise undoubtedly.

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