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Isla Mujeres Named the Best Island Destination In Mexico

Isla Mujeres Named the Best Island Destination In Mexico

Isla Mujeres has been chosen as the best island destination in Mexico this year by the World Travel Awards. It is one of the most sought-after resort areas in the Mexican Caribbean.

With plenty of luxury hotels to attract tourists who want to spend a lavish vacation; breathtaking beaches, many of which are Blue Flag certified, perfect for a romantic or relaxing walk along the shores and a one-of-a-kind tropical spirit, Isla Mujeres was handed this award in recognition of its excellence in all fields of travel.

It takes only 35 minutes to reach Isla Mujeres by ferry from Cancun’s hotel zone. The island can offer its visitors a break from the hustles of city life with the abundance of remote locations where one can find inner peace.

The World Travel Awards are among the most prestigious and renowned tourism-based annual awards given to destinations that perform extraordinarily. This award is given out to the selected destinations that are chosen through a complex voting process that involves important executives from across the tourism sector.

In the past couple of months, Isla Mujeres gave all its efforts to highlight its rich history, culture, safety, cleanliness and exotic natural beauty in the hope of improving its image to the rest of the world. For all its hard work, Isla Mujeres received the award for the best island destination in Mexico and Central America.

The tourism authorities of the island are thrilled to finally get the international recognition it deserves. According to the deputy director for the island’s tourism office Miguel Moreno Ávila, visitors can find a unique mix of beachside resorts, excellent cultural and culinary offerings, as well as hospitable and welcoming people.

This was the first time the prestigious award was given to this well-known Caribbean island. With most of its resorts fully packed during the summer, Isla Mujeres has been performing exceptionally well in recent years.  Hundreds of thousands of tourists per month are preferring to visit Isla Mujeres over hotspots like Cancun or Playa del Carmen.

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