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Impact of Technology on the Tourism Industry

Impact of Technology on the Tourism Industry

Technology is fundamentally changing the way we travel and the way business is done in tourism. When you take a quick look at the statistics, tourism has been one of the fastest-growing economic sectors for the last couple of years.

We are just at the beginning of something that's going to change the world completely.  we're just on the verge of seeing artificial intelligence making you know major inroads into our lives and voice recognition and all this the way that how we did things in the past are going to change, so of course, that's going to be very hard for us to keep up with and there are a lot of opportunities for everybody. It's more about embracing change and not trying to resist it.

If we start from the beginning if you look at where we come from a public transport point of view, probably less than 50 years ago. There are only two modes of public transport that are dominant which were the subsidized buses as well as the metro rail. Fast forward to where we are today. You are able to use your cell phone, to call for a vehicle at whatever time you want and when wherever you are so I'd like to believe that I Guess we are at a point. This is the cusp of things that are yet to come and I guess yet again technology has enabled us not to necessarily predict the future but at least to be able to pick up the trends so that we can better plan for whatever the future looks like which is something that we most definitely don't know.  If you had asked us another 20 years ago if things would be happening in the manner in which they're happening today the answer would have been never.

With technology, everything, and anything is possible. The growth in tourism industry is evident when you compare arrivals, departures, the number of visitors per destination, as well as how many new job openings travel industry created. But success in the tourism industry is not necessarily just the government's responsibility. The responsibility falls on all involved Stakeholders to ensure sustainable economic growth.

Again, mobile tablets and smartphones have replaced large desktop computers, making them virtually extinct. This is helpful because numerous travellers take some sort of cell phone with them on a trip. This helps hospitality businesses keep customers advised concerning changes and delays to their reservations, offer deals, and advertise by utilizing GPS tracking.

So from where I'm super excited to be sitting in a world in space where also whatever choices are made at least they're then informed by real-time information in other words if I want to book a hotel, not just relying on what the hotel is saying I can rely on your reviews which would probably be more accurate. So I guess it's about choices and itself it's about all of this information is much more available than it was before.

Technology is developing new solutions and services to drive the growth of tourism. From our vantage point as the technology providers sitting at the heart of the travel echo system collecting providers with sellers and buyers.

On the late 90s, everything was in a paper format who were learning how to issue paper tickets. You know, how do you manually do things. Then technology has revolutionized the way travel is done from the retail side of things. When if you a travel agent in the 90s, and if you're a travel agent now, it's like night and day; things are now issued online in terms of flight bookings, hotels, there is automation in the back office, invoicing and all details are sorted online.

It is also, lessens the burden in terms of being able to get into certain markets. The most important thing is that they have got to be the sustainability of such initiatives because, in the end, the needs remain the same. They are doing this simply to take existing needs and bring the consumer in a different way from the manner in which these things were offered before.

So technology has come in and has changed the way we do things in travel, but it also came with challenges. There’s a certain fear going on that technology will have a negative impact on tourism and travel business. The thing is a lot of people think that the technology will take over in such a way that we will, at some point in the future, lose all human interaction. What we should be asking ourselves is not how we’re threatened by technology, but rather how technology can help our society, our business, as well as help us grow faster as people. The beauty of technology is that it allows its innovators to come up with products and services people never knew they needed.



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