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Emirates Highlights a Busy Travel Period in November-December 2022

Emirates Highlights a Busy Travel Period in November-December 2022

Emirates has highlighted a month-long period, from late November to late December, for both inbound and outbound travel through Dubai as a busy travel period.

Due to the UAE National Day, iconic sporting events, and the upcoming festive season, the region will be swarming with winter visitors. So the airline is advising the passengers to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours prior to their flight. Aside from that, they are advised to take advantage of digital, home and remote check-in options, smart gates and handy luggage drop services.

From yesterday, 19th of November onwards Dubai will begin to see a surge in inbound traffic. The list of visitors includes those attending the 2022 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix this weekend, football matches at Doha, and those arriving for the Emirates Dubai 7s.

The level of outbound travel will also increase during the UAE National Day as the residents plan to spend the long weekend away. From December 16 the seasonal super outbound peak for the festive period is also expected.

Passengers are encouraged to download the Emirates mobile app, so they can access all their flight details as well as customise every step of their journey just by the touch of their screens. All passengers can even check in 48 hours ahead of their flight through their online check-in option.

Travellers from Ajman can also have a 24‑hour City Check‑in at Ajman Central Bus Terminal. After presenting health documents, checking in baggage and collecting boarding passes passengers can check in up to 4 hours before the flight departs and buy a bus ticket directly to Emirates Terminal 3.

Dubai travellers can check in early and drop off their bags at the airport 24 hours before departure. If flying to the US or Tel Aviv, check in 12 hours before departure, then arrive at the airport and proceed directly to immigration.

The passenger must book and pay for the services at least 24 hours before the flight, then proceed to the Airport check-in up to six hours before the flight is scheduled to depart.

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