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Emirates Goes Digital for Flights Departing Dubai

Emirates Goes Digital for Flights Departing Dubai

Emirates Airlines,  one of two flag carriers of the United Arab Emirates, just made the travel experience much more convenient for passengers by going digital and requiring passengers departing Dubai to use a mobile boarding pass instead of a printed paper from the 15th of May.

Passengers who will be reporting at Terminal 3 will receive their boarding pass via email or SMS and those checking in online can load it into their Apple Wallet or Google Wallet, or retrieve it on the user-friendly Emirates App. Passengers can also receive their checked-in baggage receipt directly via Email or the Emirates App.

This decision will help to reduce paper waste while digitally speeding up the check-in process for passengers departing Dubai by also reducing the risk of lost or misplaced boarding passes. By scanning the  QR code on the mobile boarding pass, it can be used throughout the journey – in Dubai Duty-Free, at security and for boarding.

Although some cases may require the passengers to carry a physical boarding pass like for infants, unaccompanied minors, passengers requiring special assistance, passengers with connecting flights on other airlines, and all passengers travelling on flights to the US.

There are some criteria which need to be met to carry a physical boarding pass, such as if passengers do not have a mobile device, or if they are unable to access the information on their devices, etc.

Through the Emirates app millions of Emirates passengers have already been enjoying the convenience of digitally enabled journeys. These conveniences include online check-in and itinerary management, access to digital menus and curating a playlist of favourite movies, TV shows and music playlists in advance, which they can synchronise from their app the moment they board the plane.

Moreover, registered passengers at Dubai International Airport will be able to access various airport stations by using biometric machines or smart gates. Returning UAE citizens can also use the Smart Gates at Emirates Terminal 3 by registering upon returning to Dubai

UAE citizens and residents can pass through the smart gates by using their passport, boarding pass, or a valid UAE ID, while GCC nationals or visitors eligible for visas on arrival can use a biometric passport.

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