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A Brief Guide for Travel Agencies on CRM Integration

A Brief Guide for Travel Agencies on CRM Integration

Modern business gigs can't think of running their operations without a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in place. CRM software and systems let you make a stronger bond with your customers. They help you in reaching out to your potential customers more effectively. CRM also enables you to deliver better customer experience, starting from the first point of contact and going beyond the sale.

Like any other business, travel and tour agencies also need to streamline their contact/customer management and sales funnels through CRM tools. If you have just launched a travel business and are still learning about its various operational components, continue reading this article. Here, we will discuss multiple pointers that will help you with CRM integration in your travel and tour operations.

Travel CRM Should Maintain a Centralized Database

One of the reasons you need to use CRM is to increase your team's productivity and make your operations more efficient. To achieve these goals, you need to make sure that the travel CRM you use must sport a centralized database.

How will a centralized database benefit you?

Let' suppose your travel agency operates from multiple offices and with a team spread across various locations.

Travel CRM Should Maintain a Centralized Database

A centralized database will allow you to provide quick and well-organized cross-office and cross-team access to all the customer and prospect information. So, instead of asking around for a file of a certain recurring client, your travel representative can access it themselves for efficiently making follow-ups and closing sales.

Travel CRM Should Consolidate All Customer Communication

Gone are the days when travel agencies could register impressive profits just by inbound marketing. Today, the competition has become quite challenging, and travel agencies have to establish a marketing plan that entails both inbound and outbound strategies. Consequently, a travel business needs to establish a dependable communication set up to carry out those comprehensive marketing strategies.

A Travel CRM can help you found robust communication management for better execution of complex marketing strategies. A good travel CRM system manages both external (travel rep to prospect/customer) and internal (travel rep to travel rep) communications.

Travel CRM Should Consolidate All Customer Communication

This streamlined communication platform on the CRM that accounts for all interactions, phone calls, and emails allows your marketing team to analyze and dissect any client and prospect's journey easily.

The birds-eye-view of the customer/buyer journey via Travel CRM will help your team know when to reach out to them. This effective management and utilization of communications will bring you more bookings every month.

Travel CRM Should Enable You to Carry Out Customer Segmentation

A travel and tour agency boasts a clientele that doesn't necessarily share the same profile. You will have clients travelling business class, staying at 5-star hotels, and most luxurious guesthouses of any given destination without worrying about the package's price. Then you will have prospects looking for low-cost carriers and reasonable AirBnB accommodations.

Travel CRM Should Enable You to Carry Out Customer Segmentation

You need to make customized lead generation strategies, sales funnels, and tour packages across this spectrum of clients for better conversions and sales. Functional travel CRM software will let you segment your customers based on their travel history and all the information you have collected over time. This segmentation will make sure your team of representatives reach out to different groups of travellers with the right travelling packages and offers.

Travel CRM Should Guarantee Better Task Management

An active travel and tour team juggle many things at the same time. From managing different destinations, reaching out to different client groups, and then dealing with airlines and hotel representatives, a host of things make travel and tour operations full of the hustle and bustle.

Travel CRM Should Guarantee Better Task Management

Amid this chaos, it is very easy for any agent or representative to miss any task. A travel CRM can ensure that you and your team can manage the long list of tasks without pulling out your hair. For instance, a good travel CRM features task management and user inbox feature where your travel reps can see the entire list of requests and notifications sorted out by dates or even their level of urgency and priority.

This streamlined task record makes sure that everyone completes their work on time without overlapping and unnecessary back and forth.

Travel CRM Should Be Able to Create Sales Report

Many travel and tour agencies set up numbers-based targets for their sales teams. This approach galvanizes sales representatives to book more flights and tours since their appraisal and raises depend on those targets. To streamline this sales target mechanism, you need a travel CRM that can generate sales reports and analytics.

Travel CRM Should Be Able to Create Sales Report

This automation feature will make sure the sales team continues to analyze their performance and then plan accordingly. In other words, you may not have to call meetings every other day to push them to do better. These sales reports will help them understand the process better and manage their deals and sales funnels proactively.

Travel CRM Should Offer Functionality beyond Customer Management

Last but not least, a modern travel CRM system is the one that doesn't just cater to your customer management needs. Today, you can find Travel CRM software that also helps with agent and supplier management. For instance, it offers you robust contact management for all your B2B contacts. This includes your hotel, transport, and air carrier partners.

Some travel CRMs also help you take care of the financial sides of your operations. For example, you can manage bank and contractor reconciliations on the CRM platform. These value-added services that may not necessarily be linked to customer management will help you save costs of buying another software program for B2B contact and finance management services.

If you want to improve your team's productivity and sales figures, integrate a robust CRM system with your travel operations right away. TravnetTech can provide you with an agile and easy-to-use Travel CRM with a host of business and customer-oriented features. Our experts can also equip your operations with travel search engine and marketing automation.

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