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  • Singapore to Lift Remaining Covid Measures

    Singapore will allow non-vaccinated travellers to enter without showing proof of a negative pre-departure test from Monday (February 13).

    Additionally, travellers who aren't completely immunised won't need to get Covid-19 travel insurance.

  • Tech-inspired Travel Trends to Look out for in 2023

    The fate of the travel and tourism industry became unpredictable when the pandemic struck the world. However, 2022 witnessed a significant improvement in world health, the economy, and as a by-product the tourism industry, most of which were off the back of countless innovative technologies.

  • Maldives Named “Best Long-Haul Destination of the Year”

    The Maldives has won the title of ‘Best Long-Haul Destination of the Year’’ in the UK’s Food and Travel Magazine Reader Awards 2022. The Maldives secured the title competing against destinations such as Canada, Ecuador, Fiji, Japan, Namibia, Seychelles, South Africa, South Korea and the Caribbean.

  • Earthquake Destroys Runway of Hatay Airport

    Hatay was severely impacted by the 7.4 earthquake that struck southern Turkey at 4:17 AM. buildings collapsing, roads rupturing, and the airport at Hatay being split in half.

    Following the airport's severe damage from the earthquake, flights were immediately suspended.

  • The Impact of Technology on Achieving Eco-travel

    There is no denying the economic significance of the travel and tourism industry in the global market, however, the climate crisis the world currently faces due to the negative impact of carbon emissions from transportation cannot be ignored either.

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