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Benefits of Adopting Cloud Infrastructure for the Travel Industry

Benefits of Adopting Cloud Infrastructure for the Travel Industry

You can find data everywhere, and the availability of information has become one of the most significant developments in contemporary history. In 1963, DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) awarded MIT $2 million for Project MAC. To receive the funds, MIT was required to create technology that would enable a computer to be operated by two or more people simultaneouslyand the rest is history.

The Cloud Infrastructure

When referring to the components required for cloud computing, the phrase "cloud infrastructure" defines the required hardware, abstracted resources, storage, and network resources. Consider cloud infrastructure as the set of technologies needed to construct a cloud setup. Or simply, to host services and applications in the cloud, you must first get cloud infrastructure.

Now you may wonder, how does cloud infrastructure work for the betterment of a business? It all starts with separating resources from physical hardware and pooling them into clouds, accomplished through abstraction technologies or processes such as virtualisation. Automation systems are used to allocate these resources, allowing users to access data anytime, anywhere.

How Cloud Infrastructure is Reshaping the Travel Industry

There was a time when travellers had to visit their local travel agents or tour operators, only to come back with a stack of brochures and mull over them for days to finalise the ideal vacation spot. However, the advent of the internet, specifically the cloud, means there's no need to browse through multiple glossy pages to find a preferred destination—all it takes is a click of a mouse.


Advances in travel technology have indeed improved the experience for travellers, but they've also helped travel agencies. Smartphones and internet-based travel searches have profoundly impacted the travel business, and cloud computing is now bringing things to a new level in the travel sector.

Flexible, dependable, and scalable assistance for one's online presence is a typical trend in the travel business, and this is the uniqueness of cloud computing.

But wait, there’s more.

Dependability and Scalability

A fast-paced market and constant competition make it difficult for travel agents to keep up with travellers' changing needs. Travellers demand options to learn about their next vacation spot or find the best deal, so being quick and responsive is essential. A dependable and scalable cloud computing system has become nearly indispensable in tourism. When you have a cloud solution that is always updated, you can swiftly adapt and not be held back by outdated technology.

Personalisation and Data Synchronisation

Social media platforms leverage cloud computing, holding a vast quantity of essential data. While "Instagrammable" destinations define the next trip route for millennials, travel firms already know they need to get a hold of social media data to boost destination marketing. The way individuals travel and share it on their social media accounts has impacted the business substantially—and cloud computing considerably enhances data synchronisation across channels to allow cross-sectional data analysis, regression analysis, and cluster analysis.

Time Management

The availability of technology that allows for quick and flexible work enhances the efficiency of procedures and travel agents' and tour operators' productivity in general. Having all the data synchronised in real-time makes it unnecessary to go through the booking process with every client. Additionally, manual maintenance is reduced, allowing travel agents to free up meaningful time that can be spent improving client satisfaction instead.

A Space for Application Development


Web and mobile application development on cloud platforms is a dependable environment to work in. Building an app may be sped up using pre-coded modules and development tools. Moreover, this advancement has helped create several applications in the travel and hospitality industries.

These applications do anything from simplifying the planning process for travellers to optimizing the booking process for hotels and eateries.

Backup and Disaster Management

Disasters don't come with warning labels; therefore, cloud computing helps to lessen the possibility of an outage (natural disaster or power failure) without impacting the user in terms of lost data. Cloud services store backups on a separate server, allowing companies to resume operations in virtually no time at all, with little or no impact on the company's productivity. In conclusion, this effective disaster management is why cloud computing is the future in the tourism sector.

Why Connect with Travnet Tech

As you embark on this digitalisation journey, Travnet Tech will accompany you by providing cloud-based solutions to manage your travel business and get the most out of cloud technology. Our team will be by your side throughout the whole process – from pre-planning through software deployment and beyond in the form of post-implementation customer care. While our software will connect all of your activities, we will help you maximise your ROI.

The Final Cut

Cloud computing has emerged as a critical component in implementing digital transformation within the tourism sector. As it progresses, it improves—becoming better than ever. As the boundaries of success and optimisation are pushed further and further, cloud computing provides the most adaptable and dedicated support for the development and expansion of travel businesses, allowing agencies of all sizes to thrive in the constantly changing and highly competitive travel marketplace.

About Travnet Tech

We're Travnet Tech, a cloud-based travel management system designed to help travel agencies and tour operators develop unique travel systems on cloud infrastructure. With innovative systems such as TravCRM, TravSearch, TravReport, TravBank, TravWEM, and TravCampaign—we're on a mission to make travel businesses an absolute treat. So, ready to build a cloud-based travel system for your travel agency or tourism business? We'd love to have a chat with you.

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