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7 Features to Consider When Choosing a Travel Management System

7 Features to Consider When Choosing a Travel Management System

The technological revolution has changed the practices and protocol in every field, and the travel industry is no exception. From electronic ticketing to full-fledged management software, the industry has come a long way in the last couple of decades. Today, robust travel management software has become essential for end-to-end streamlining of all travel business operations. 

In simple words, a travel management system is a one-window solution for arranging and managing the commute, stay, and all other details of the travel. It takes care of all tasks in the travelling process, from booking and ticking to accounting and reporting. A robust travel management system can also be referred to as all-in-one travel software.

Travel and tour agencies and companies managing their corporate travel can benefit from a sound travel management system. If you want to integrate the travel management system into your operations for all its benefits, continue reading this post. We will discuss all the critical features you need to consider when picking a travel management system. 

  1. Live, Real-Time Inventory Management

Getting more clients is an excellent problem to have. However, this phenomenon can quickly spiral into a nuisance for travel agencies and tour operators with overbooking. You then have to apologize to customers and refund their deposits. Apart from doing extra work that doesn’t pay, this whole exercise is not suitable for the reputation of your travel business either.

People having an “overbooking” encounter with your agency will share their experience with others. This unwarranted publicity won’t help your travelling business by any means. Therefore, make sure the travel management system you use has a live inventory feature so that clients can only book what is available at that moment. 

Live inventory management lets you update the details of contracted hotels, available flights, seats, and open and closed tours in real-time. As a result, you don’t have to deal with overbooking and subsequent refunds and dejected clients.

  1. Mobile Responsiveness

The ubiquity of smartphones and cheap high-speed mobile data has changed the dynamics of web browsing. Cell phones now account for more than half of web browsing worldwide. As a travel and tour agency, you need to factor in this development while picking a travel management system. In light of the above statistic, you can assume that one out of every two customers is accessing your virtual travel front office on their phones. 

A non-responsive static interface designed for desktop is hard to navigate on smartphones. Non-responsive digital platforms have a higher bounce rate because almost all of their mobile visitors close the site upon encountering a desktop layout. If the travel management system you use is not mobile-responsive, you can actually lose half of the potential clients accessing your business on their smartphones.

  1. Quotation Management System

At the end of the day, you need a travel management system to improve your customer experience and streamline your work. For the latter part, you need a travel management system with an agile quotation management system. 

Generally, travel agents have to spend a considerable portion of their operational hours while making quotations for different tour packages. Many of these quotations remain quotations and don’t convert into sales. You can partially delegate all that extensive work to the quotation management feature of your travel management system. 

The quotation management system helps you make detailed tour plans involving multiple destinations and other travelling factors in lesser time. You can improve customer experience with a quick turnaround on quotations and also improve your travel agency’s overall efficiency.

  1. Multiple Payment and Currency Options

Offering multiple payment options has become standard across industries. Therefore, a modern travel agency must offer its clients flexibility with modes of payments. However, you can’t just put multiple payment options without establishing its backend. Your travel management system that includes your back and front office can accommodate cash, check, net banking, card, and other digital payment options.

  1. Multilanguage UI

If your travel agency has an international clientele, it is better if your travel management system offers more than one language on the user interface. Besides English as the standard, your system should feature multiple languages in line with the regions you cover. For instance, having Arabic UI will help serve better the MENA region clientele. Similarly, Spanish UI can cover many of Latin American countries. 

Even though English suffices when you target the international market, it is still better to offer your travel front office in multiple languages for better user experience.

  1. No Redirects

A travel and booking platform that redirects customers to other pages and platforms doesn’t offer a seamless user experience. This usually happens when you use a management system that doesn’t cover all bases and require third-party resources to complete transactions. Customers generally don’t like these redirects. They want to complete their travel details from start to end within the same environment and interface. 

When you opt for modern tour operator software that offers end-to-end travel solutions, you can give your clients a seamless redirect-free booking experience. It will start from your website and end on your website.   

  1. Scalability 

Make sure the travel management system you choose for your operations is scalable. This means you can improve and expand the functions of the system based on your needs. Let’s suppose you are currently using a travel management system that only handles hotel and travel booking and its paperwork. 

Now you want to expand its functionality to email marketing automation as well. Your existing management system has to be scalable to offer this additional feature without undergoing any major revamp.

If you are looking for all in one travel solutions in a single travel management system, get your travel business upgraded with TravnetTech. It is a complete booking solution particularly customized for travel and tour companies. From inventory management to agent control and bookings to ticket reservations, your business can use it to manage its end-to-end travel operations.


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