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5 Historical Sites You Should Offer Tours For

5 Historical Sites You Should Offer Tours For

The entirety of Human civilization seems like a blink of an eye compared to the total age of our planet and the cosmos. However, our ancestors have managed to pull off a lot of wonders in that period. There are many places, artefacts, and constructions from ancient history that have become a timeless display of human brilliance and creativity.

Such historical sites offer a great touring experience. For instance, they serve as a time-travelling portal for many. Some people also undergo a strong spiritual experience while visiting those sites that they profoundly remember for the rest of their lives.

If you have just started an online travel business, you need to tap into the domain of historical site travelling. Assuming that you offer international travelling and tour packages, we will suggest some historical sites that you must offer tours to. All these sites remain a tourist hotspot all year round and will help you create a substantial income stream from all those clients who like to travel through history.

  1. Egypt, the Pyramids

Pyramids and other ancient constructions in Giza, Egypt are unarguably the most significant footprint of ancient history on the earth's surface. Archaeologists, architectures, and civil engineers haven't fully understood how ancient Egyptians managed to make those gigantic architectural marvels thousands of years ago despite not having modern technology at their disposal. These pyramids are still impossible to build even when humans have mastered the constructional and architectural skills.

Egypt, the Pyramids

Providing tours for the Pyramids is also a good option from the logistical standpoint of a tour operator. Unlike most Islamic countries, Egypt has maintained a very tourist-friendly environment where tourists from western countries don't feel out of place.

Similarly, the local management taking care of Pyramids and other heritage sites in Giza have maintained the area quite well so that private tour companies don't have to offer guide services to their clients. Cairo is also just 12-min drive away from the site, making it easy to manage transportation and accommodation.

All these factors make it easy and cost-effective for tour companies to devise and manage tours to the Pyramids while maintaining good margins and without too much hassle.

  1. Turkey, Hagia Sophia

The marvel of Byzantine architecture, the biggest domes of its time— Hagia Sophia is undoubtedly one of the most significant landmarks on the European side of the Mediterranean. People interested in the history of Abrahamic religions and their contention will love to visit Hagia Sophia to see how that history has panned out in that magnificent building that has been both a church and a mosque.

Turkey, Hagia Sophia

If you are scaling your operations to Turkey, you need to make sure Hagia Sophia is the highlight of any of your packages. Hagia Sophia is in Istanbul, a city that boasts an excellent environment for tourists. As a budding tour company, you will have many options to consider while choosing your local partners and vendors in Istanbul due to its thriving tourism scene.

For making your Istanbul tour packages more history-oriented, you can include visits to Basilica Cistern, Blue Mosque, and Topkapi Place in them as well. These buildings also have a rich history and will attract people interested in Turkey's diverse cultural landscape. Since all these places are in the same area, you can easily put together a tour package for the area without facing any logistical roadblocks.

  1. Cambodia, Angkor Wat

If you want to target western travellers interested in the rich Hindu and Buddhist history of the Far East, you should devise a travel package around Angkor Wat, Cambodia. It is a 12th Century temple complex (the largest of that time) boasting Khmer architectural aesthetics at their best. The complex was originally built for the worship of Vishnu, one of the prominent Hindu deities. In the coming centuries, it turned into a Buddhist temple.

Cambodia, Angkor Wat

Today, it is just a magnificent historical ruin featuring the strong imprint of two of the East's largest religions. You can easily find logistical support in the City of Siem Reap, which is just a 20-minute drive from the site. Due to the lower labour and operating costs in Cambodia, you can keep good margins on your Angkor Wat tours.

  1. Italy, the Colosseum, and Forum

The Colosseum and Forum in Rome, Italy, are the most popular, recognizable, and most visited historical sites in the world. Among many endearing things about these buildings, one is they have set the foundation of modern stadiums, arenas, shopping malls, and auditoriums.

Italy, the Colosseum, and Forum

From public executions to gladiatorial contests and concerts/ choirs to dramas, The Colosseum—an 80,000-capacity amphitheatre— would be used for the world's largest events. On the other hand, the Roman Forum was the biggest marketplace of its time. Its massive rectangular complex was also used for religious and social engagements.

If you have a Rome package, you must offer a detailed visit to the Colosseum and Forum. People interested in Roman history will definitely love to opt for a package that does justice to these two historical sites of that glorious era.

  1. China, the Great Wall of China

Built as a military defence line against frequent invasions from the northern nomadic nations, the Great Wall of China is still the longest architectural specimen present on the earth. It stretches over some 20,000 kilometres across the north-eastern length of China. It is interesting to note that the wall was not built in a single king's tenure. Different dynasties from ancient China contributed to building this unfathomably long defence wall. You can easily manage a Great Wall of China tour from Beijing because it was just a 2-hour drive from the capital.

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