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5 Destinations Welcoming Tourists With Open Arms This Summer

5 Destinations Welcoming Tourists with Open Arms This Summer

While most of the world now has access to vaccines and many of us today have been vaccinated, it may be a great idea to plan a trip. As many western destinations are deciding to open up their economies and lift travel bans, summer holidays might just be possible. Though there are plenty of places on our list, only a few have officially lifted the travel ban and are welcoming tourists.

Last year has been quite hard for everyone all over the world. As much as we need a break from the lockdown life, economies also feel the need to open back up to cut back on their losses. Though travel bans might not apply to all cities and countries all over the world, many European destinations are in talks of proposals leading to opening up borders. It comes as no surprise that 10% of Europe’s GDP is generated from tourism. The same applies to many other countries that are now on board!

Although travelling may never look the same post-Corona, there are a few destinations welcoming tourists with open arms.

Here’s a list of places you can visit this summer:


If you’re someone who wants to dwell in the serenity of nature, surrounded by beautiful beaches and sights for sore eyes, then Greece is definitely one place you should visit. With a very low number of Corona cases in the last year, they really want to try and get in as many tourists as possible this time around.


While this may be because 20% of the Greek GDP is comprised of tourism, it is also a fantastic place to visit. Though currently, Greece is not welcoming tourists from outside of Europe, the travel ban is meant to lift on June 15th, allowing them to start welcoming people from July onwards. This really depends on when the European borders open to the rest of the world.


Another country that heavily relies on tourism in Mexico. The country is desperate to welcome some guests this summer. While access to Mexico is relatively easy if you are residing in the US, it still isn’t certain when the travel bans will be lifted. However, because the country needs tourism to improve its economic situation, the Mexican authorities are really pushing to make this happen as soon as they can. At present, American citizens can freely travel to Mexico by air as well those of us residing in other parts of the world. A lively destination with a lot of cultures, you are sure to have a blast! So be sure to check out their requirements before you make your travel plans.


With tons of volcanoes and glaciers, who wouldn’t want to visit this beautiful destination? Not only is Iceland known for its beautiful scenic sights but also its rich history. As of now, the country is welcoming vaccinated British citizens as well as those who have had Covid-19 in the past and have recovered.


However, on arrival, tourists will have to take a Covid-19 test and upon getting negative results, travellers are free to explore. The results usually take between 6 to 24 hours.


If a beach getaway is what you need, then Aruba has got everything you’re looking for. Though the borders have not yet opened up, they are in plans to do so. Travellers looking to take a vacation could possibly be allowed in from July but the plans are still in the works. Compared to the rest of the world, Aruba only has 101 Coronavirus cases of which only 3 resulted in deaths. So, it is definitely a very safe place to go. Get your daily dose of island life with an even better nightlife on your next trip to this exotic location!


Portugal has now lifted its ban for many EU and Schengen countries which means British travellers are now allowed to visit. As of May, U.K. tourists were put on the country’s green list and are now free to explore everything the Portuguese culture has to offer. However, visitors are required to provide negative test results that have been taken in the last 72 hours.


If travellers are fully vaccinated, this will make the process a whole lot simpler. If you’ve never been to Portugal before, you are in for a treat! This place as dreamy a tourist destination as it can be. From Lisbon to Porto, you have tons of places to explore. What are you waiting for, let’s get planning!

We understand how difficult 2020 was and with Coronavirus still around over a year later, things do still seem a bit uncertain. With vaccinations now available, coronavirus cases have gone down all over the world. Each day you hear about some new place opening up its borders to tourists. If you haven’t visited the places we’ve listed above, you should definitely give them a try. We promise you will fall in love! If these places aren’t your top choices and you’d prefer to go elsewhere, then we suggest you keep a lookout. We’re sure you’ll soon find a destination that’s perfect for you!


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