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Facial Recognition

4 Startling Uses of Facial Recognition in the Travel Industry

Among the list of new and innovative technologies that have established their position in the mainstream media, the advancement of facial recognition systems has startled the world. Initially, facial recognition technology was popularised as a science fictional concept. Now, with its compatibility with even smartphones, the technology is being used by social media sites.

However, its most mind-blowing functionality was highlighted through its contribution to the travel industry. In this article, you will find out about 4 startling uses of Facial Recognition in the Travel Industry which transformed the tourism sector entirely. But first…

What do you understand by Facial Recognition?

A form of biometric artificial intelligence used to identify or verify a person based on their facial features alone is called Facial recognition technology.

The process of this technology follows a sequence of algorithms to compare a digital image or video frame (sometimes taken instantly from a camera) to the faces, its features and even skin texture stored in a database. The process of it may sound simple but it is very complicated to implement.

Currently, Facebook is using a facial recognition system to identify human faces within digital images, while Apple uses a system to authenticate the identity of the user called Face ID. This technology has been playing a major role in security services and law enforcement.

Facial Recognition in Travel Industry

The use of facial recognition has been used in many industries and the travel industry is no exception. Since the travel and tourism sector has become more digitised recently, it tends to incorporate any and every technology that can be helpful in making the entire process more efficient, and facial recognition technology has proven to be extremely beneficial in this regard.

Furthermore, facial recognition has been used to tackle the major concern related to security within airports, hotels and tourist attraction destinations. It can grant access to specific people by efficiently identifying them and keeping any intruder from entering the premises. So, the faster the technology can recognise an Individual, the greater will be the customer experience.

Now let’s talk about 4 exciting uses of Facial Recognition in the Travel Industry,

Ensuring Security

As we have mentioned before, one major concern that arises within airports, hotels and other public locations frequented by tourists, is security. And facial recognition is a very beneficial tool when it comes to increasing and enforcing security measures that can be very advantageous in the travel industry. So it has garnered several potential uses to back up this claim.

A very basic but great example of the use of facial recognition in the tourism sector is using the technology to grant access to individuals in hotel rooms, the gym or other hotel facilities after their identities have been verified.

In a way, this technology comes very handy in preventing identity theft, crime or identifying guests with a checkered history. Using the stored data of facial features from their internal database and promptly alerting the authorities at the hotel, a facial recognition system can aid in avoiding any possible negative consequences or altercations.

Breakthrough in Data Analysis

When it comes to delivering excellent services and optimising various business-related processes, data is playing a pivotal role in the travel industry. In this regard, facial recognition systems can play a crucial role by collecting some data automatically.

The previous version of the system could only match faces between an image and that stored in the database. However, the current advancements in the technology has led to detecting the gender, possible age, and even predict the mood of an individual instantaneously. Through this information the system can provide a reliable estimation about the customer demographic to predict how they might respond to various destinations and thus assessing and picking out important trends for the business.

Improve Customer Personalisation

Improving the customer personalisation feature is one of the most important and critical uses of facial recognition technology in the travel industry. Hotels and other companies can detect people by comparing and matching faces of real-world people to those in the database and design services that cater to them specifically.

This use of the system is heavily utilised by the hotels to improve their customer service and to make each process faster. During the booking process, hotels sometimes offer their clients the option to provide a photo of themselves which can be used to identify them upon arrival by the cameras in the hotel. Then again if the cameras detect a returning customer and notifies the management at the hotel, then they can use the data from their past stay and design the present one in a way that specifically caters to them while offering some complementary services as a reward to repeatedly choosing their services.

Flawless and Hassle-free Payments

Lastly, the most significant part of travelling is to ensure that authorised payment is completed flawlessly, a task which again employs facial recognition technology. This feature is already in the works by MasterCard, as they are experimenting with a ‘selfie pay’ system. The basic concept of this system operates by confirming payments through a smartphone camera. The image is then compared to the one stored in the database.

If the technology is deployed in other areas, such as in restaurants, airlines and other tourism companies where payments can be completed without any hassle or unnecessary interaction with the staff members of the companies, this can improve the customer services. Facial recognition can also be used at these facilities to identify loyalty scheme members and instantly apply discounts to any further purchases by them.


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